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My first byte ever


Hey guys,

I made my first ever byte, and I would be grateful if you could watch it and tell me what do u guys think about it

Link :


“just 5 more minutes” :joy:



it reminds me of vine a bit so that’s cool!

i’d say the camera quality could be a big factor in how it could do well. the fps seems pretty low, so that can make the movement feel less natural/choppy, meaning it could ruin the pacing of the humour.

otherwise noice


lmfao! awesome


Hahaha just one more blink :joy:


I’m glad it did!

Thanks for your time bro, how can I fix this problem?


Thanks buddyy ^^


Just checked it out not expecting much but you got a slight giggle outta me and I barely find anything funny!


Hahaha I appreciate that bro



do you use apple, android, huawei, oppo, or etc.?


Canon 500D


oh. cool phone! jk

I think that ISO could play a role? or maybe lighting. I can’ really say seeing as how i haven’t used it, but an alternative would be to use a phone camera if it’s good enough. for instance, on iOS you can change the camera quality in settings and it can really make a difference.


You’re wrong bro, canon its not a phone! its a laptop hahahah jk

I’ll try to fix it, thanks alot


I like it. Keep it up man! :+1:


Coooooool! Keep it up!


Thank you brother


Appreciate it dude


Nice one mate!


That was really good!


OMG that’s pretty good !