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My Depression Story


Guys, I have been struggling with depression since 2016 and it’s been tough for me battling depression and I have been to the hospital twice because I was wanting to commit suicide it’s been very tough for me and my parents are really concerned about my mental state and I been having suicidal thoughts that are stuck in my head that I’m trying to get out and been hiding my depression from my parents and it makes things worse for me and I’ll try to fight my depression and suicidal thoughts because it’s worth telling them rather than hiding it and don’t worry guys I’m getting the help I’m needed for my mental health


I know people joke about depression alot but i think this is a story that people can use for motivation. like it’s not over at least not yet you can still fight.


thanks for the kind comment i hopefully can make this a story and spread the message to people who struggle with mental health problems


I hope you continue getting help I know depression is a hard long battle but don’t give up. Keep fighting


Thank you I will keep fighting and hopefully get better


Life can sure get weird. Sometimes hiding depression makes sense, but it’s normally best to make your feelings known to those who can help you. It’s really amazing the power of an honest talk with a trusted friend or even random stranger. Always feel free to share your feelings here. And try to remember that even when things feel really bad or super strange, things have a way of working out for the better, and while that might not sound exciting, some of the most interesting and beautiful people are those who have gone through challenging times and prevailed. :slight_smile:


I understand thank you for the nice comment and hopefully i will get better


What always worked for me, is try to find a hobby if you don’t already have one! It keeps your mind off of the bad thoughts, and puts your mind on good things! I wish you the best of luck and I’ll be praying for you!


One really fun hobby is geocaching!


Hey dude, life has its ups and downs and depression is a really hard thing to overcome. Especially for years at a time. If you’re getting the help you need, then you are on the right track, and I feel content knowing that, but I do recommend you tell your parents because I’m pretty sure they care about you and they want to know about your wellbeing. It’s going to be a tough journey so try not to go about it alone. Talk about your bad feelings and thoughts to friends, family members, school counselors, anyone who will listen. And you can always come down to the forums and share your feelings here, like Matt said.

I do hope for the best for you, and wish you a good recovery x

(p.s: you can always dm me if you need someone to talk to)


Thank you for the love and support ill try to find a hobby i can do just to take my mind off things


Thank you for the support ill will be open about it and tell you guys and yes ill dm you if i need to talk to somebody


It’s good dude. You’ll make it through this, regardless of the stupid thoughts. Just know that no matter where you are, you always have the ability to change your mind for the better. No matter what.

Good luck man, dms are always welcome if you feel like it


i will thank you


Yeah man. I feel your pain. I’ve been wrestling with depression since 2013 and was recently hospitalized for a suicide attempt almost a month ago. As soon as I took the pills I regretted it. I try not to look at October 13th as the day I tried to kill myself instead I look at it as the day I decided that I wanted to live. I know this a tough battle man, a battle I’m still fighting myself but I urge you to get professional help if possible or drop in to a crisis center which can connect you to a psychiatrist who can be very helpful.


Thank you for the love and support and I will get help and get better


Yes I’m concerned. Listen there is the suicide helpline. Depression is a MF but if we recognize it’s a real medical diagnosis like heart disease , arthritis, diabetes then it can be addressed. It has to be spotlighted and exposed for what it is. It’s a real and valid diagnosis. Tell your parents. Please please please.


Thank you for the information ill do whatever it takes to get myself better


Don’t ever feel alone


I hope you know that you will aways have someone to talk to here on the forums, stay strong!:slight_smile: