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My concerns for byte


people are always going to clout chase so they’re just going to jump to byte with their followers from TikTok just for attention. Trust if we work together instead of being rival and clout chaser we can easily pass TicTok. Also did you see Dom’s instagram post? cuz it shows that even tho TikTok got a big fanbase they’re not loyal to their community


Haha yes. Dom’s post definitely gives me hope!


i wouldn’t be too fussed, as long as our start up is good then we’ll not end up like TikTok


im not even worried about tik tok to be honest…


Who cares that Byte won’t have as much users as TikTok?


Because. For all the effort that dom and the team has put in, and for all the hype about it, I really hope it is successful in the end


Everyone is gonna download byte regardless​:joy::joy::joy:when there’s a new social media app everyone is downloading it just for fun​:joy:people try to act too cool but create fake accounts just to see wassup with the app​:joy:


Look I understand peoples concerns but I do want to mention Tik Tok seems like its doing good on the outside but is defiantly struggling on the inside. Its a very controlled environment were the content is not original anymore, theres always something ‘new’ always something ‘better’ and theres always apps competing with each other. There are many apps like Tik tok now that there competing with like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Its the same as the original Vine as soon as an app comes out, it will take a bit of exposure to get the ball rolling… but I guarantee byte will eventually override Tik Tok not because of the content but because of how strong the byte community is, the fairness of videos. But the number one thing will be as soon as people realises its secretly ‘vine’ Tik Tok really has no chance. It will just be less popular. period. have a great day :slight_smile:


I totally agree. Thank you for this.


Hey there. I’m gonna close this, although there was an active discussion going on. Nice job to spark a a conversation :grin:

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