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My concerns for byte


byte looks awesome in every way, and I’m really looking forward to it coming out, but I’m concerned about one main thing: TikTok.

TikTok is byte’s competition, and no matter how “cringe” it may be, the end of vine left a gap, an open niche, that TikTok has filled. All of my old friends who used to be on vine, have created TikTok accounts. I’m the only one who’s held off. The reason TikTok flourished, besides it’s rebranding, was that there was no competition. byte will begin with a few thousand users, but TikTok has millions! People (and maybe even content creators on TikTok) might think “why go to byte, I’m satisfied with this.”

I’m sure a lot of you will say “Oh, byte will have better features.” Or “I don’t want the cringey content on TikTok to be on byte”

I agree with both 100%
Unfortunately, from what I’ve seen, features don’t drive growth, content does. I know there are a lot of great creators here on the forums, but there are plenty more who might chose to stay with TikTok, mainly because that’s where their audience already is. byte (as far as I know) won’t be able to do a multi-million dollar ad campaign that TikTok has done.

Therefore, I think it is our job, as a community, to use word of mouth and create superior content in order for byte to be a success.

(I am, however, still concerned about TikTok as competition)


TikTok is dead. Also the cringe, idk whats gonna happen with that.


It has more monthly downloads than YouTube, instagram, Facebook, and more. I’m not so sure about that.


I think that if Dom tries to balance and control the community to try to keep it like this one at first, we can have more legitimately funny bytes as time goes on. It just depends on what we let get popular


I hope. We’ve been deprived of good content for so long!!!


I’ve seen little reactions to it now which is good at-least, so in my book its dead.


In terms of “newness” and curiosity, I agree


thats a concern i have aswell, but im certain byte will have a good start and itll be up to the community to hold that standard and go beyond


think this has been done, may need to close


I have to agree and disagree on this, I am concerned about byte’s competition with apps such as TikTok, but I also know that the byte team knows this as well. Dom doesn’t post ALL byte’s secrets on twitter. He’s stated before he has things he has secret that could be crucial for bytes success, those that won’t make people question, “why go to byte when I’m already on TikTok?” Because of being kept in the dark with things I’m still very hopeful and will definitely be putting money on byte’s success!


Byte will take down tik tok it’s full of unoriginal content


although they are similar platforms I believe that the content of TikTok is different from Byte and so it will not be such a bad thing to face, so in TikTok we have people with inflated egos making music videos (formerly musically users) and the potential of Byte with sure? is going to be the comedy, just like it was at Vine.
Vine even after dying still has a huge legion of fans around the world (a proof of this is we, who stayed almost a year here without even knowing the official name of the Byte “v2” and even then we were totally enthusiastic) just look on YouTube and you will find videos from a few months ago with compilations of old vines with MILLIONS of views, that means there are a lot of people around the world who miss Vine and will have “it back” with Byte.
anyway, who likes music will be in TikTok and who admires a good comedy among other things will be with Byte (not necessarily so lol) in my opinion Byte will be a success :slight_smile:

*sorry for any English errors, my good and old friend google translator helped me write this :stuck_out_tongue:


I really hope so! Hopefully dom has something really amazing hidden up his sleeve, more amazing than what we’ve seen.


I definitely think a part of byte’s popularity will come from people who realize it is the sister to vine


I think peoples sense humour has changed since 2015/16 and I think the content on Byte will be at least a little different from Vine, this being said if byte ends up having the same content as tiktok I will be disappointed mainly because tiktok is cringe and there isn’t much creativity. With byte I hope people prioritise creativity and humour instead of using it as a new tiktok.


To be honest you have stated a lot of really good points.

I am pretty sure Dom has some good tricks up his sleeve also its not the first time he is creating an app as such therefore I think it will have a lot of success as he knows what he is doing,

He is well aware of TikTok and will do everything to come out on top <3

Hype for Byte


I see what your saying but Byte will be fine, Tik Tok maybe flourishing for now but most of the content creators are being laughed at not laughed with and the fan base doesn’t really care about the creators. With V*** and byte the community was/is so tight and we all genuinely care about each other.

Use V*** as an example is you want proof, look at how many top name stars it produced, David dobrik, The Pauls, Jason Nash (I could go on forever). Many of these famous V***rs maintained their fanbases and grew more on other platforms because they established a connection with their fans who loved them.

Tok Tok creators mostly rely on cringe to get laughs, could you see Tik Tok creators transferring to other platforms and stick painting their ‘fan base’ like V***rs did?



byte is the symbol of “vine’s revival”. once it releases, it will carry those expectations. as long as it isn’t too buggy, it will be more attractive than tiktok. idk how to put it in simpler terms, but factors like the free press coverage of “vine 2” will be just one of many that’ll push byte over tiktok


I don’t know why people keep making Byte and Tik Tok competitors🤷‍♂️People can enjoy both TBH.
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & Instagram have coexisted for years.
It’s just an already popular platform that’s making a return. #hypeforbyte #DontWorry

EDIT: Also this is the best community on the internet! Hands down. We’ve won before we ever begun.


Very well said