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My Art Instagram


art account - @ p.entry

you can get to my sketchdump/nsfw account from there too
sketchdump/nsfw account - @ p.entry.oof

I appreciate it if you even just like some of my stuff, it really helps small art accounts like myself!
Here’s some examples of my art; feel free to give constructive criticism too!


That’s some real talent. Will you be making some art related videos on Byte (if you decide to make videos)?


Pure talent once again. I really loved it


im not really sure what i would do but i will probably end up doing art videos too


thanks so much!!


These are pretty cool!


thank you!


Looks amazing!


You’re damn talented! Welcome to the community :heart:


woah…so cool! you’re very talented, keep it up! :grin:


you are SUPER talented! Literally just went and liked all your posts and I really hope to see you on byte!


I love your art style! If you do any animation I’d love to see it on byte.


yes i saw! thanks so much


thank you! i have tried to do animation before, but i am getting better at it so we’ll see!


Like the one with the red scarf very creative. Who are your favorite artists?