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My 7.5s looping video app is out now on iOS!



Around 2-3 months ago I started work on my own short-form video-looping app, and I’m happy to say it’s out now on the App Store. You can download it here: and follow us on Twitter @tryflip. I’d love to know what you think, so let me know down below. I have an update coming out tomorrow that fixes a couple bugs too.

flip is a new, seamless way to capture video on mobile. All you need to do to capture a short, engaging video is hold down a button. There’s no review, just hold and the video is instantly uploaded and shared with your friends on flip.

Every day, editors at flip will choose the best posts to be featured on Explore, a new algorithm-free page where the best creators and posts will be featured for the whole of the flip community to see.

With a beautiful design and a simple premise, flip is reinventing mobile video for the next generation of creators. Download and start creating today - for free.



Is there a version for Android?


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