Music to listen to?


Does anyone have any good trap or vibes playlists on spotify or youtube that they enjoy. I’m looking for some music to listen to an all the music playlists i follow are getting old. Thanks! :grin::grin: Would help a lot for my need of music!


Right now I just listen to CAMILA all day.

CAMILA, Camila Cabello.


I’ll check it out!


A nice playlist is lush vibes. Idk if that’s what you’re looking for but it’s pretty chill music!


That’s exactly what I’m looking for!


Ayeee nice! I meant to say lush lofi btw lol. There’s also trap vibes on Spotify, not too sure if that’s the type of trap you’re interested in tho


Ok! I’ll check that out too.


Lately I’ve obsess with Ed Sheeran


You say Amen, I say Aminé,


Same here


A good song is Vibrasphere - Breathing Place.


vampire weekend!


Skylar Grey’s songs especially Final warning.