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Music Credits on bytes (for launch)

Hi, everyone! :wave: I’ve been thinking about how byte could start dealing with its situation of the usage of music by users for their bytes from the day the app goes public, especially since having a social video app might seem a bit too stale if no music can be used for any of the videos in it. After a bit of thought, I think I’ve found a good way to use some music while the byte team decides on better methods to combat copyrighted music. At public launch, users could be able to select from an online library of royalty-free music from artists and websites such as Kevin MacLeod and Purple Planet Music that could be stored on a subpage on the byte website. Any bytes that use this music could have some kind of music credit button in a corner, similar to the following picture:

This could allow people to get creative with their byte ideas using a sort of “starter pack” music, if you will. It might also give the byte team more time to figure out how byte’s going to manage copyrighted audio and video. What do you think?

p.s. Sorry if the picture looks a little basic. I try my best… :sweat_smile:


I was actually working on posting a similar thread, but from what I thought, the crediting would work as being able to tag anything in the video, equipment, who edited the video etc as well as music.

This would mean that newer people could get an insight into what their favourite creators use to make their videos!


I like that feature, but I think it wouldn’t be used much. I think many users would just say they used their phone to record and some others might say they also used a tripod, but I believe very few creators will actually go into detail about the process of creation and/or go into detail about the use more equipment. Also, if this feature is used as an open space of text (in other words, a space where the creator can insert any text they desire,) it might be heavily abused and used to say other things that aren’t related such as social media handles. :pencil2::iphone:


As someone who makes music, I’m liking this

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