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Mulan Trailer Review: Mushu Is Dead

So I talked about awhile back that they were making a heavy change to the live action Mulan which was removing literally the main villain and replacing him with a witch, which doesn’t make sense since disney is going with a way more realistic movie, BUT I was wrong apparently. There are going to be two villains, and one who’s exactly like Shan Yu is replaced with Bori Khan except this time, his intent it NOT to conquer all of china…

But its to avenge his fathers death…
Well shit they are making this movie more Eastern aren’t they? OKAY SO MY INITIAL REVIEW!

If you haven’t seen it, here it is.

Since this came out, quite a few people were mad and upset about how much isn’t going to be in this version of Mulan. Mushu, Li Shang aren’t going to be in it and on top of that, no songs. Now you think that I would absolutely be livid by this and ENRAGED knowing my love and passion for Disney and my hate for live action remakes… au contraire, my friend… au con-god damn- traire. in fact, consider me slightly excited. Here are the reasons why:

So, I think that this movie is going to be more historically accurate then childish and playful. Okay, I love me some good ol history, and last time I checked Mulan isn’t followed by a small dragon. In fact, it makes way more sense and it even seems less offensive to do this. If Disney made a live action off of a chinese legend and still made it goofy, it would be weird and just seem wrong. BUT they are making this look pretty detailed on what the actual legend was so far, and I am 100% all for that! It’s not for kids exactly, but it’s more for adults, and I think thats a great and only way to make a live action Mulan. I mean Mulan is already a little bit dark, but this is no doubt going to be darker.

As I was looking up changes to this movie, the first article I came across got me honestly a bit mad. I wont call it out, but its the first result that came out… and I hate it. Here is the quote that made me mad.

No “Reflection”? No “Honor To Us All”? Not even “I’ll Make a Man Out of You”? Will we have to live in this godforsaken world without hearing Mulan and her rag-tag team of buddies lament about having “A Girl Worth Fighting For”? Honestly, a travesty.

You seriously want to see disney make a trash live action version of these songs huh? Have you heard of A Whole New World? I Wanna Be Like You? Fucking Belle? Is that what you want? A disappointment? In a way, I like this idea because disney CANT ruin it and we get to only have the real OG versions, in my opinion, THANK GOD IT’s NOT THERE! Not to mention that would sound so rude in a live action to sing “a girl worth fighting for” then seeing a literal battlefield of dead men and a burning village.

Eh, Im interested. Not exactly excited, but Interested to see more. It’s a new twist, and it seems to be a different story that I’m all down for :slight_smile:


Mulan is my favorite Disney movie so far, i can’t wait to see this one


RIP Mushu :disappointed_relieved:


I’m glad they’re making it historically accurate and aren’t including things which may offend Chinese culture. I’m a bit devastated about Mushu, but at least they’re not damaging the reputation of the OG.


I honestly don’t wanna see it just because no mushu


If this werent’ titled mulan I’d be more interested in it. Idk it’s hard to explain


Thats honestly how i feel. I feel like if it wasnt Disney’s Mulan id 100% be down for it, but it just seems weird titling it Disney’s Mulan after the original being so cartoony.


Just diseny going for another crash grab as usal


Still a little sad Mushu isn’t gonna be there, but I hope they reference him somehow! I’m considering seeing it, but I don’t really like the live action versions at all. I’ll just read non-spoiler reviews after its release I guess. ¯_(ツ)_/¯