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Moving to different apps - Is v2 Over?

How are you so sure it’s going to never release? I don’t know why you’re so down. Have some hope every once and a while. It’s pretty nice…

I think what we’re saying is flying over your head. We’re looking at the facts.

  1. Funding could take ages. If Dom made a ton of money from Vine like you said he did, funding wouldn’t be an issue.

  2. He’s promoting other photo/video apps. A developer working on their own photo/video app wouldn’t be promoting other apps, especially ones that have tried to get v2 to not work for ages.

P.S: we aren’t saying that the app will never be a thing.

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No, I know what you’re saying. Y’all are forcing this to be bad. It’s just a delay and a shortage on money. Jeez.

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Your in imaginary land, look at the facts. its kind of ignorant ignoring the facts…

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You’re going back on your word. You said that he made money off of Vine, however if he did, then there wouldn’t be a ‘shortage on money’ for this app. I think what is happening is you’re incredibly hung up on the idea of v2 becoming a thing, that you’ve decided to completely ignore the reality of anything.


You’re*. I’m out. Y’all are too negative.

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That is a child’s response

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I’m actually 6.

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Resorting to correcting someone’s spelling/grammar in any type of discussion/argument is a sign of loss. I think you should take a step back from the forums.

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and i’m -12, what’s age got to do with this?


anyway can we get back to the basis of the topic lmao. what is everyone’s plan platform to move to? i feel like youtube is doable if we can get an engagement group together and follow eachother back on there, to get it started.

You’re very arrogant and negative. Now that’s a sign of loss… Okay fr I’m out. :joy:

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I’ll be exploring other apps, I’m in a few engagement groups, would love to join more. Going to try gain somewhat of a following elsewhere, and if v2 does become a thing, then I could move that following over to v2. Moving to other apps wouldn’t hurt. You never know how big something like Oevo could get.

Your a frustrating person to have a conversation with…

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lets allow everyone to voice their own opinions and respect when they do. We don’t know much other than what dom has specifically written. I know we’re all tense but lets not turn this into an argument


any groups you could point me to? probably gonna try to kick off on youtube, then spread out to twitter and instagram. maybe we can get another engagement group started on the forums.

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if the forums become too toxic they might just need to end and I don’t think anyone wants that, so lets just take a minute to tone it down and j chillllll


I second that, Im looking to join some engagement groups

That would be cool. Try searching up for instagram/twitter groups on the forums, there are quite a few. Some are inactive though so it may be a hassle working through them to find the right ones.

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