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Midnight Does A Q&A!


Will Hidden Valley Ranch be served with your next mixtape?

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what influenced your sense of humor and do you think change is always necessary? (2 separate ones)

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L…Loopy mood? What does that mean? U in a hangover… :joy:

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LMAO Nathan



If you could move any where would you live?
Do you like grape fruit?
Who’s the most famous person you are friends with?
Does @EverAdri literally take days to reply to you or am I just special?
Who would be your top favourite people to collab with?



:joy::joy::joy: maybr

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The least expected shade I have ever gotten!! :joy::joy::skull: @Oren
It’s so much shade that I think I’m seeing pitch black… just like I like my coffee :coffee:



Has there been any girl you met where you didn’t flirt with them?

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Yes a few



Why is there an 8 if it’s night?

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:joy::joy::joy: sorry I was only speaking the truth and black coffee :grimacing: you like it stronger than me

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It’s fine hah, thanks to that you sparked a fire under my :peach::fire:

I won’t leave ya hanging :stuck_out_tongue:

Only going by my Starbucks pike place taste buds, whenever I’m not in the mood for using milk to sweeten it up (cafe au lait/cafe misto in that case)

Coffee from other places though… it depends on the taste of their beans :coffee:


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does it cronch?



@EverAdri I’m glad I’m not left hanging any more and I’m still a Starbucks virgin :grimacing: But I do tend to like all flavours of bean :eyes:



“When Oren and Adri takes over Alex’s Q&A” hehe

Does the bean cronch? :eyes:


Oh how I wish I could help change that for you being a wing woman, Starbucks welcomed me with open arms once I started college @Oren



Y r u so :fire:?

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Es amor o es una obsesión?

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this is the best question

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:joy::joy::joy: we’re invading the forums (sorry Alex)

It depends what type of bean I’d imagine

Maybe once I start uni Starbucks will do the same for me, or you could just be my virtual wing woman ahah @EverAdri



@midn8ght do you like dragons?

dragon you balls on the carpet :sob: