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Megabytes (or other loop name suggestions)


I was thinking about how loops used to be presented, and I came up with a lil thing.

Instead of loops showing up as say 5.6k, 2.1m or whatever, why not measure them in megabytes (MB) and so on! bytes are how file sizes are measures, with 1000 bytes in a kilobyte (kb).

Just seemed like something cool that would work well with the name, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Haven’t been here in a long time so if I’ve missed something like the name being decided, or something, tell me. Also if you have suggestions I’d love to hear them!



Honestly I’d prefer loops to be called loops or something along that line


in my opinion i prefer Loops, but that’s creative :clap:t2:


i agree i like loops and thats why vine was so big, the way he says to do it is very complicated


I could care less what it’s called, I’m just drooling over here waiting to get my hands on the app. Lmfao​:joy::joy:


True. Can’t stray too far from the original.


It would be cool, but it’s something that just us (community) know, so the people maybe will get confused.
But it’s a great idea :hugs:


This is a great idea but I was thinking it could also be applied to your follower number. Say you have 10-100 followers you are a KB user. 100-1000 a MB user and so on… just throwing ideas out there.


Idk if loop can be replaced


Tis why looops must stay :muscle:


this is also a good idea!

Don’t think it would have to be loops, I just think somehow incorporating it would be awesome!


Although this is a good idea, I’m not too keen to jump from loops to MB. Plus, the concept might be too confusing for others. Not bad, though.