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Max topics/flagging issue

Ok so there’s a max number of threads you can make per 24 hours. Honestly not sure how many it is but I think its about 10.

When you flag a post, it creates a direct message group between the person flagging the post, and every member of the moderators group.

On the platform discourse that the forum is built on, creating messages is basically labelled as the same as making a thread. So because of this if you flag 10 posts in a day you can’t make new threads.

I just remembered that this was an issue I had a couple of months ago, but I never made a post about it or at least one that I can find. I don’t think I mentioned it anywhere except maybe on the discord but I don’t remember actually reporting it as a bug, so here you go!

This is more for the staff and moderators than anyone else. But if you’ve encountered this feel free to post it below!


I remember we had this issue months ago with the Khalyd/Wheevan Arc of the forums.


“the Khalyd/Wheevan arc”
I’m weak lmao :joy::sob:

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