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Marvel is officially the best ! AVENGERS END GAME TRAILER 2!


Check out the new avengers trailer !!!

ps. Someone is back on Earth !!! :sunglasses:


I’d blur the ps or put it in a spoiler, but I watched it and it looks v v good


Thanks for the suggestion Daniel !!!


This looks amazingg


This looks amazinggg


Aiight soooooooo. THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER!!! Let me tell you why.
I believe they’re gonna fight Thanos TWICE in two different timelines.
Also Captain Marvel is getting a lot of negative reviews. Under the direction of the Russo Brothers they could save her character. And maybe we’ll see Cap pass the torch to Marvel.
IT’S LIT!!! I’m sooo excited. lol


bro I’ve never been more hyped for a movie than i am rn THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST MARVEL MOVIE EVER!!!


My friend sent me the trailer at 7:30 in the morning and then instead of being a zombie i was fully awake


Can’t wait to watch it, I’ll be sad when it’s gone.


Just to know cap and Tony are back together ! Is just so emotional :sob::sob::sob::sob:


This trailer looks epic. Got me thinking though we’ve had over a decade worth of marvel movies. Feels more like a tv series at this point. Looking forward to this movie