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Made a couple of videos!


Howdy, would appreciate any feedback <3


Nice commentary really enjoyed em


Woohoo Dan posted :grinning::grinning:


These are hilarious! I’d love to see you play some more games. Or in this case, attempt to… :joy:


i could watch you play the game in the first vid for hours djdnn, i laughed so hard when u were streaming :joy::joy: its so weird


@Fvidz1 @annam @ShonziTho ty for the nice words <3 I do the best I can at the awful games i choose to play :slight_smile:


2:53 and after on first vid is killing me


love it :heart: :heart: :heart:


“I’m on a low amount of sleep, and I’ve never played this game” that’s such an encouraging way to start off a getting over it video :joy:


“and to that I say shut the f up” dead lol


face reveal when


I’ll watch forsure


Your Scottish accent is ASMR to me


Great videos! we make video on youtube as well :slight_smile:


You playing games is a mood





First comment and like on both :wink: if I’m not your #1 fan what kind of friend am I?


Dan I thought you’re accent would be thicker lol nice video