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Ma namee e Jeff

Jk my name is Fred and I’m currently 18 years old, I am armenian but live in the Netherlands. I’m really hyped for ■■■■■■ and hope it will be as amazing as vine used to be. I am planning on making some vines when it comes out.
I’m not that active on social media and stuff, but I’ll drop my insta and snap so you guys can add me. You can send me snaps of your neighbourhood or your school or whatever you like, I think its really interesting to see how people from other countries live.

snap: Fredk100
Insta: bandananafred


Hi there Fred. I went ahead and closed this thread, as it’s very similar to other pre-existing threads. Please search and take a look around before creating a new topic, as it’s more than likely another user created a similar topic that you can add to. No worries though. You can say hi under this topic: Say hello! and share your social accounts here: Whats everyones social media. Also be sure to read the Announcements. See below. :heh:

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