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Los Angeles?


Hey! Your friendly neighborhood future byter < me > has touched down in the City of Angels and will be here until Sunday. Anyone from California/ has been to Cali suggest some cool things to do/see while I’m here?

(my hotel is right next to universal hollywood, not sure if i want to go)

Edit: I’m also trying to make 2 seperate vlogs for this trip: one condensed, 1 minute long one (a lot of forum users seemed to enjoy this) and an extended one going more in depth talking about my trip. Places to see that I could get some vlog-worthy footage would be great!


@kenkat101 could help you with that lol


I don’t live there, but Universal studios it’s super fun


I don’t live there, but from what I’ve heard from people I know is that universal studios is pretty fun


@AfroDynasty @3_Mexican_Chillis

Thanks for letting me know about Universal! Some people say that it’s not as good as the one in Florida, so I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drop $100 on a ticket or just go to Six Flags or something.


@kenkat101 this cali dude knows everything


I love theme parks. I have year passes to Universal Studios Florida and I’ve been to the one in Cali, and the Cali one isn’t that great in my opinion. The theming isn’t as good as Florida. I would suggest making the drive to Disneyland (even tho it’s a lot smaller than Disney World, Disneyland has that magic and really good food). I also really enjoyed Knott’s Berry Farm they had some fun rides and you can get a lot of cute Western themed pictures. Hope this helps! :sunny:


Tb to when the Hollywood sign said hollyweed.


:joy: That was iconic


Hmmm where to begin…