Looking for v2 community on Fameshow


Hi guys!

The v2 forums are such a great community. I’ve watched at a distance for a while and was bummed like everyone else when @dom decided to postpone the launch. I was really excited to see all of the amazing work that you all were going to put out there. I’ve been building an app that I hope addresses some of the same problems that v2 was going to, such as helping artists earn a living and allowing new artists to get discovered.

An audience is a valuable thing — an authentic group of people who like that content you make, can’t purchased. But on the internet, everything is mediated by an algorithm. People are only shown the content that Facebook/Youtube/Instagram thinks that they will like, which tends to be the stuff produced by artists who already have a lot of followers and get a lot of likes.

Fameshow is different. Anyone can have access to an audience — whether you have 100,000 followers or you’re just getting started and don’t even have your first subscriber. On Fameshow, a member from the audience is randomly selected to stream and has 20 seconds to be as interesting as possible. If enough of the audience upvotes them, then they get more time, otherwise someone new is selected. An what is cool is that, unlike other apps, you are paid for your time (right now, a $1.50 per minute, but set to increase as the size of the audience does). We stream 3 times a week. You can download it here: http://fameshow.co/download

I really want to see this community have a chance to interact and stream together! If you sign up and email contact@fameshow.co, we will add a v2 badge to your username (:seedling: or :v:️, let me know which one would be better). This will guarantee that you have a chance to stream!

Matt Schrage


Hello Matt! This app seems really interesting - I’d love to try it out. However, I use an android, will I be able to download it on there? The link that you’ve provided is to the Apple store. Thanks anyway!


Unfortunately, just iOS for now. Send an email to contact@fameshow.co, and I’ll put you on the android beta list.


Thank you!


Hi Matt,

I really like the idea and think it has a lot of potential. I think many of us would be interested in keeping track of our followers. Are you planning on adding such a feature?

Let me know, thanks!


Hmmm the announcement came May 4th I think, and you showed up on the forums May 6th. I feel like you haven’t been watching at a distance for a while. I feel like as soon as you heard about the postponement, you jumped at the opportunity to advertise your product. I don’t have a problem with being an opportunist, but I do have a problem with honesty. Don’t pretend like you’ve been here for that long.


I flagged all of these solicitation topics as advertisements.


Really interesting concept! When does the app launch?


I really like this concept! It’s very different from other social media apps, which is a good thing. I love seeing unique ideas. I’ll definitely check this out! :blush:


That’s planned for an upcoming update! Certainly something that I want to add to the product :slight_smile:

If you have any thoughts on how subscriptions/followers should work, please let me know! I’ve found it really helpful to read the posts here that outline new ways to build common features (like verification checks and discovery).


Thanks so much @Yoshr — I just built the app and intend to iterate quickly over the summer, so if you have feedback, please get in touch!

I promise to be responsive :blush:


We just ramping up now! You can download it here. :raised_hands:


@mason_paper @ryanmccarley I totally see why it looks like that. And you are right that the impetus to create an account was a little opportunistic. However, for the record, I really have been reading the forums for a while.

This isn’t just a one off post to get more users. I really value the input from this community. As someone whose been interested in new models for social products, the posts here have consistently been useful when thinking about the problems that need to be solved. I honestly think that Fameshow might be interesting to members of the v2 community! :crossed_fingers:

I should have considered the optics more and hope this helps provide some context. :eyes: