Looking for 500+ Beta Testers for Yuser


We will be selecting users at random in a way since our sign up form was by just submitting your email. However, we will likely be pulling from those who submitted via the v2 community as they have shown a strong desire to test. Earlier signups were more ‘regular’ people that might not be as tech-friendly, but also good to have use the app.


Awesome! Can’t wait.


maybe too early to answer but what are the plans for after the closed beta if you know?


A bit early. We’ll have to see how the closed beta goes in terms of how we progress.


i also looked at the website and saw the beta date changed to the 18th instead of 15th, is this right?


I’m excited to see the beta :slight_smile: I can tell you guys are working very hard to make sure it’s the absolute best for people to use, I’m sure it’s worth the wait and the wait will definitely pay off


We’ll be sending out a full update. But yes, we realized that the 15th is a Friday, which means that our team wouldn’t be readily available to fix bugs that testers could be experiencing. So we decided to move it to the 18th (Monday) so that we can fix things in a timely manner.


Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile:


one last question, on the closed beta, when people start to gain followers, will the followers they have transfer over to the open beta? or will everything be wiped?


We will try to let as much possible to allow followers, gem count and content to carry over from the closed beta. That said, there is the chance that we may have to reset some elements early on to produce the most optimum experience for all users.


Great Job with the app! Its pretty good for how new it is :grinning:


Thanks Luke!


2 questions!

  1. , looking at the app layout, is this trophy icon like a leaderboard page of some sort?

  2. Will there be a live stream feature like on twitter or instagram?


Hi Ryu,

Thanks for taking a deep look at Yuser. The trophy symbol does symbolize a leaderboard system as we look to gamified the social media experience. We will also have this tie into the kind of data points people have access to as it shows the engagement value you bring to the network, not your personal information. Live streaming will be something on the development schedule, but will likely not be available in closed beta.

I hope that helps :slight_smile: If you have not already, please join us on Telegram for a direct connection to the team https://t.me/yuser_network




Have you guys gained more people to test the app since last week?


A few yes.


I can’t wait to test this app man. I’m in the group, I’m reading posts, I’m dead excited!
With the interest people are showing, I believe we can make this app a top app. I hope you guys never lose site of what made you want to create this in the first place(like other apps)


Appreciate the love :slight_smile: