Looking for 500+ Beta Testers for Yuser


We’ll be giving updates as soon as we can! To connect with the team join our Telegram group https://t.me/yuser_network You might already be there, but for everyone else :slight_smile:


can we expect any updates next week? lol


Please refer to our Telegram group for updates. Currently, we are working hard on the app to have an internal beta release before opening it up to closed beta users. As well, being a crypto social app we have lots around that to work with.


Have you guys gotten anymore testers for the beta or still at 300+?


We have gotten a few more, but we’re always open to more testers as feedback is key at this stage. If you haven’t already, please sign up at www.yuser.co


Dude, this app looks cool! Hope you guys do well!


Everything going well with the app? Beta still coming next Friday?


Yes, things are going well. And yes, June 15th is still a go.


Yo man i just signed up for beta tester, but I’m quite late. Is that going to be a problem or Am I going to be a tester.


You’ll be on the list. We’ll be inviting small groups of testers at a time, so stay tuned.


Small groups at a time so like everyone won’t have access to the beta next Friday? Or wym


I have a question. Are you guys, Yuser, related to any Steem companies, if not can you describe the differences or similarities


Not all at once, but in groups so that we can manage feedback appropriately.


Ohh ok, so how will the groups work? Like one group uses it for X amount of time then has to get off of the app for the next group?


Either that, or we’ll be inviting X amount first, then add more users over the extent of the closed beta.


Hey Onur,

The blockchain aspects to Yuser are built on Ethereum. Ethereum scales better than Steem. Ethereum also allows smart contracts, which means two parties can make a deal without involving a third party, which keeps transaction fees low. This aspect is key for us as we look to incorporate influencer marketing/sponsorships right into our platform.


Aw, so we all won’t be able to use the app together? D:


Not right away, but over the duration yes.


How long will the beta last


how are you choosing the first beta testers?