Looking for 500+ Beta Testers for Yuser


Android should be good to go for sure, last time I heard IOS should be as well, but is seeing a few bugs at the moment.


Any news on the beta being closer? :smiley:


Please hold tight as our developers are working for an approx end of month beta release


Ive already signed for it


Awesome! Stay tuned


Will turning the cryptocurrency into cash be similar or the same process as bitcoin? So we’d be able to deposit the actual money into our own bank account?


Signed up! Wa sinterested in this for a while. It looks slick!


Yes, you would be able to sell our token on exchanges similar to how you would with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.


Great to hear! Thanks for the kind words.


Love this!!!

What will the limit for length of videos be?


Great to hear! Currently, videos in closed beta are limited to 30 seconds.


Will we be getting some exciting news this week? :eyes:


Should be, looking like early June closed beta will be available.


how many ppl do you guys have signed up for beta lol


Currently, we have 353 people signed up for the closed beta.


P nice, are you guys gonna promote it more for full release?


Yes, we’re currently building out our marketing budget.


Yuser will be tomorrow?


We will be running an internal beta before a closed beta to thoseboutside the company. Expect an announcement soon on that


Finally June! Suuuuper excited for the beta, this app is gonna be a game changer tbh, also you guys are the first ones to do a block chain cryptocurrency social media platform right? Kinda revolutionary tbh lol