Looking for 500+ Beta Testers for Yuser


Hey everyone! We’re still looking for about 200 more people for our closed beta (more than that is fine). If you haven’t already please sign up! Also, feel free to share outside of the V2 forum :slight_smile:


damn you guys got 300 for the beta? impressive i’m excited for it to drop.


Hey Mike! Do we get a confirmation email yet? Sorry if this has already been asked, I was just wondering. Thanks!


We’re currently swapping out our contact forms for ones that will send a confirmation email. We initially just put in ones that notified our email that someone signed up. So everyone who has submitted their email to the site are confirmed for the beta test. An update newsletter should be out soon.


Thank you!


Will we be getting an email letting us know the beta started when it does?


Yes you will be getting an email updating you on the whole project and when beta is available.


Just signed up, hopefully there’s still room ! Cant wait :grinning:


Hi Angelo,

Thanks for signing up. There is still room :slight_smile:




So the beta will be in the next 2 weeks?


2 weeks at minimum.


So it’ll still be in May or looking at early June? For the beta


In that range yes.


Last question, will the full release be in the summer as well, as it says on the timeline?


That’s the plan, but we’ll see if the beta tests go.


Will it just be pictures, or videos as well


Yuser will feature videos (both upload and recorded) photos (both uploaded and taken, sound/music as well as a host of other features.


Is there a eta on when the beta will release and when the full app version will release?


Closed beta is planned for end of month, with a full release later in the summer.


Will the beta be our for both Android and iOS?