Looking for 500+ Beta Testers for Yuser


I agree. Thats one big way to gain an audience


Hi,when will be app


Hi there,

The app’s closed beta will be available soon. Sign up at www.yuser.co for access when it is.


Wow that sounds super cool, so you exchange the gems for actual cash? And brands who sponsor you give you a certain amount of gems and you can exchange that for money or in app stuff as well?

Also this app seems great for someone trying to make their startup in their career with whatever they’re trying to do. Really great job I’m excited to see where it goes!


Also yeah repost button would be really good to help people get exposure on their posts.


Yes, gems can be exchanged for real cash via a crypto exchange. And yes in the brands front.

There is potential for startups to get funding through this, it could run similar to a crowdfunding a project.

Thank you for the kind words on what we’re doing as well :slight_smile:


signed up, if I get a spot I’ll share what I think about it :smiley:


We are looking for a large amount of beta testers, so you’re covered.


Have you guys reached the 500 people you’re looking for


Not quite yet


One last question! What would you say is the target demographic for this app? In terms of age


Primarily our initial target demographic is 14 - 26. But that does not mean Yuser won’t be attractive to slightly older people, especially with cryptocurrency involved.


Will your services include PayPal?


Our app does not use Paypal as it is based on cryptocurrency (which we will make the process as easy as possible). The nature of a cryptocurrency exchange typically allows for lower fees than the traditional transaction apps (like PayPal) because there are fewer people needed to facilitate the transaction.


can we expect the beta this week or next? xD


I have the same question


Just signed up!!


I’ll have to touch base with our development team for an exact timeline, but I’ve been told that it’s towards the end of the month more so.


A question that I haven’t seen thrown your way yet:
What type of content did you and your team have in mind when you started developing the app?

Even though nowadays most big apps have the same features, they all started with a pretty specific goal in mind: Instagram was for pictures, vine worked better for comedy/art, snapchat was all about not-permanent content, musical.ly was all about lipsyncing.

So maybe your team didn’t start Yuser with one type of content in mind, but I’d still ask you then. What type of content do you hope becomes the “staple” of the app, or what type of content do you want the app to have lots of?


Very good question. Yuser is a gamified social network, so outside of the usual likes/views representation of fame on a platform, we are also bringing in a power/badge system. So users are able to earn powers through different challenges they achieve. These challenges will be tied to different actions you would typically do within the app. So initially we are looking for content that niches will really engage with. Our reward system is based on users engaging with other creators/users content, so good engaging content is what we’re looking for. At the moment we aren’t looking to narrow down our focus to one kind of content, but rather content that niche communities will enjoy.

Sorry if I answered in a roundabout way, I just feel it’s too early for us to be looking at one kind of content.