Looking for 500+ Beta Testers for Yuser


Just signed up and I’m hyped on this!!! I tried to join the telegram thing, but the link didn’t work on my phone.


Great :slight_smile: thanks


Will do!


Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Chris,

Thanks for signing up. Here’s the telegram link




Ngl this app looks quite promising. Hopefully its as good as it sounds


This actually looks so cool. I’m really looking forward to it.


I already signed up but could you give us a hint about how long we still need to wait for the beta?


Thank you!


Great to hear!


One more question, when I signed up, was I supposed to get a email that I did?


We’re working on switching out the form we use so that it sends a confirmation back to those that signed up.


Ok awesome, will this app be similar to vine?


Hi Colt,

You could say it’s like Vine in the way that we encourage quality original content. By I like to describe it as similar to Instagram (with story and in feed posts) and Musical.ly (because you reward users content that you enjoy) all in one app.


Wow this looks super cool. Do you guys plan to do any ads or monetization type of thing similar to instagram as well, or something that would pay creators to create?


Sounds very cool, will there be a repost button?


I will have to check with our dev team


A repost button would be crucial indeed


Part of the economy of the app is that other users gift (similar to liking) stones (in app term) to users content they enjoy. These stones are converted to gems (in app term) which are then exchangeable for money or digital assets such as sticker packs. If you are a brand or advertiser you can connect with influencers/creators or anyone really to sponsor content. Our idea is that everyone can be an influencer so we give many different was to achieve ‘fame’ on our platform.

As we grow different avenues for monetization will be available.

I hope that helps!


Good to know :slight_smile: i’ll pass it along to the dev team