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Longer video length


Agree, v2 will be vine but better, this are ways we can improve the the app and make more expansive and enjoyable


Personally 6 to 7 seconds seems the best to me because it does push out creativity


nah tbf i feel like if the lengths of clips were changed v2 would lose it’s whole draw, otherwise it might as well just be instagram without the piccies y’know what I mean


Agreed. This app is different in that you have to push yourself to be creative with a short time constraint. If they allow longer videos, they wouldn’t be any different than Instagram.


The first vine suffered from this. It was awkward to find some vines that lasted longer than 6 second length… At that point it’s not a vine but an Instagram post, a YouTube video, a Twitter media post… The whole point of this app is the immense time constraint *****IMO


I agree, it’s supposed to be different from other apps


The thing is that vine did really well was take the witty comedy that can be done in video format and made it so that you can have a feed of them. Making the videos longer would make it a lot more like YouTube where you have to have a dedicated page for each video and it would be more of a commitment


I don’t like that idea tbh, this is not a game, it’s a social platform and everyone should have the same oportunities to make content.


The reason why this app can become popular it’s because of its uniqueness. People should not be able to have more time but instead they should try to fit their content in the time limit in the better and most creative way.


It might be interesting, more expansive


I think making the videos slightly longer wouldn’t hurt
Like 10 or 13 secs.


If videos had no lenght limitations what would be the difference from instagram? The uniqueness of the concept is what defines the app


Yessssssssss exactly!!!


It should be short because if you need to make longer videos, you can post em on other social media platforms…


i see HearMeOut app do 42 secs what about v2 do the same


Just an opinion but i think that videos should be kept original length. If people want to update longer content there are other Platforms that can be used to capture what you are trying to get. I understand what you’re saying but the 6-7 second videos made for more creativity in a small time. That was the point of the app in the first place. To get people to create creative content in such a small amount of time.


Yeah, videos should stay 6.5 seconds, it’s what made vine, it’s the perfect length

  • 6.5 Seconds
  • 7+ seconds

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what these two said^^


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