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Longer video length


Who knows, you may even start your own trend :slight_smile:


That would be cool :laughing:


it will keep you followers excited for the next part of tutorial


Yeah :smile:


Should I also do some watch me edit videos if you guys want me to? :thinking:


It will be interesting to see how you edit, it is interesting to see how other people edit, you could learn new stuff or tricks


Alright I’ll make one if I can find the motivation to finish an edit :joy:


Will you do makeup tutorials? Sometimes I watch Nicki Tutorials on Youtube and the crazy Safiya. She’s not a makeup but sometimes buys makeup.


Sure I will try! But I don’t usually wear makeup except on special occasions & I use concealer & some eyeliner, but it might be a hobby I would consider doing in the future


The connected video mode would be interesting


There are already several threads that have discussed longer video lengths in detail.


That could lead to some sort of clickbait though. I think if you can choose a frame from the video as the thumbnail, that would be the best option to properly represent the video as a whole.


yeah agree, we don’t want it, to end up like youtube thumbnails


Yeah that’s what I meant


to keep clickbait from happening there should like some kind checker or something…


I think the shorter video length not only makes the app unique, but also keeps the app from needing to “compete” with Youtube, Vimeo, and other established longer-form content websites.


I will like videos a little more longer but not 30 seconds, i would like 10 o 15 as maximum


It will be nice to have the chance to make videos a little longer


This is a new app, we have to remember that Vine is dead and V2 is something similar but with differences


I like it between 6-10 seconds