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Longer video length


Should the videos we make be longer than 6.5/7 seconds? I feel like some should, like audios for editing or those who make tutorials or things like that


I feel like you should earn the solubility of making longer videos, like through follower or stuff


Why do you think that?


I actually like it short, but I would like to have it at- atleast 9seconds.

And like @pgat3000 said, I’d like the idea of having the option to make longer videos depending of the number of followers.


It’ll kind of ruin what makes v2’s concept unique, but there could be a connected video mode (multiple videos) for those longer tutorials/explanations


Creators should be able to earn perks as they grow


True, I like that idea


I hope @dom would consider it


I like the idea because it’s like YouTube. It won’t let you upload 10+ minutes videos after some time on platform.


Yup basically, but even more expansive


like when you record a really long video on snapchat? ( that it get uploaded in pieces)


Ohhh I get it now


I also have another idea about uploading our own thumbnails


Yeah that’s what I was thinking about


it might be different way of making longer videos without breaking the core app… it could be possible


that might be cool


But I think it’s best if we start slow at first


I like the short format. It opens a world for more creativity and strays away from other platforms. Eventually, it’ll just become another youtube or another instagram if that were to happen. I feel like that’s what has made Vine & V2 unique.


Yeah I agree with that, I’ll just have to upload my tutorials in parts


@OreoStealer i have to agree…we want the app to come as soon as possible anyway