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Lion King Trailer: Ah shit, here we go again

SO… The Lion King has an official new trailer. And hey, I wanted to do a review on it. SO! HERE WE GO! Watch it first if you havent yet, so here that is:

So, First things first… its something. I mean… hey its… well… something. DO NOT GET ME WRONG… it looks insanely beautiful. The CGI is insane, the characters look really realistic… the characters kindof look too realistic. Damn they just used real animals did they? This is too advanced for fuck sakes what the hell. This is the same god damn company that produced fucking Chicken Little. Oh my, I mean… Its extremely beautiful. Its extremely realistic. If you’re into loving cute animals, I’m sure you’ll really like this! But, like always, disney fucked it up somehow.

Who the fuck is Scar? Not only is he one of the most insane bad guys, he literally kills his brother and almost starves everyone to death for his own good, but he also almost had a song where he tries to FORCE HIMSELF ONTO NALA and its EXTREMELY CREEPY!
Motherfucking weird ass fuck. Jeremy Irons is such a good voice for him. He’s also still alive!.. SO WHY IS HE NOT VOICING SCAR? I get changing some voices because it might work but THIS IS SCAR WE ARE TALKING ABOUT how does he sound NOT INTIMIDATING! HE DOESNT EVEN LOOK INTIMIDATING he looks like a starving big ally cat who just wants someone to put milk out on their porch and he sounds like he just woke up from a nap. HOW DO YOU MESS THIS UP? WHATS WITH YOU DISNEY? with Jafar i was like “alright they fucked up once, no way theyd fuck up again” but apparently disney really likes to fuck up good villains, thats alot of fun now isnt it? I guess. (It isnt tho).

Now, the animation… oh im sorry, ‘live adaptation’ that looks like purely animation. I mean, I’m really not complaining but why slap Live Adaptation if there isnt even a real character in the movie? Who you tryna fool? Even The Beast was somewhat live adaptation, I don’t even think this is a hint of adaptation unless if they all full on Planet of The Apes this shit.

In my opinion, I have no clue if I am going to see this, rather if I want to. I’m the same way with the Aladdin trailer, but atleast I can appreciate the beauty of it. Not even my nostalgia can make me go see this movie because it just doesn’t look like a movie that I love with my whole heart, it looks like Planet Earth teamed up with Disney. Big sigh.
But, even with that being said, Pokemon Detective Pikachu posted a trailer today too, and honestly, I am way more hype for that. I mean look at this:



Thats all, goodbye, i love you, stay fresh. (:


tbh the lion king looks soulless


I’m a manchild and my repressed childhood memories are making me buy tickets to see this. lol


How do you think me and thousands of other Sonic fans feel about the upcoming Sonic movie :roll_eyes::mask:


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Can’t wait for detective pikachu!


man, they need to leave the classics alone lol


Emolga was always one of my favorite Gen 5 pokemon just because of how cute it is

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Scar and it’s hyenas were epic

Thinks thats a big reason why people are coming out see it :rofl:

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