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(LGBT) What Sexuality You Are

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Bi
  • Asexual

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I was wondering if anyone is a part of the LGBT
Please specify your romantic state :smile:
I hope you can also tell me if you are facing problems of your sexual state, like country or family etc…

For me i’m asexual but im attracted to both genders romanticly, its sad that i live in an arabic country, LGBT is not available and its against the rules on my place :disappointed_relieved:


Hey! To check out more on the LGBT community and v2, check out:


Sorry about that. In my religion, being LGBTQ+ is frowned upon, but personally I see no problem. What matters is the person, not their sexuality.


Well said :slight_smile:
i know a lot of friends who are gay, and they are better than my straight ones, sexuality doesnt matter all, its only the mind and the heart :smiley:


I’m bicurious. I’ve never had a relationship with a guy, but I’ve had some attraction to guys in the past.


I identify myself as an attack apache helicopter


dead meme, mate. never funny.


i’m sorry love. in the country where my parents are from anyone would get stoned for being gay.

times are changing. it’ll get better, i hope. :heart:

i don’t like labels bc i find them dumb, but i like everyone. no matter sex, gender identity, genitals, etc. it’s all about personality :blush: if you’re a good person that i can hold a conversation with, i am sure to like you.


I must be a wizard because I can read all that without un-blurring it :joy::joy:


did you by any chance place your cursor over it? lol :joy:


Thats the right thing :slight_smile:
Agreed :heart:


Why tf dose it matter i judge ppl on the content of their character not their sexuality, having said tht ppl get way to offended because of someone else jus ignor them and do u


They can identify themselves however they want, whether with objects or not, but it doesn’t mean it’s true. You are born male or female.


bisexual :rainbow_flag:


I clearly said “identify”


Yes you did. My point still stands.


I’m also an attack helicopter, but not an Apache. I’m a KA-50. CHECK MATE.


I’m not gay or bi or anything but I mean Justin Trudeau is a good lookin man.


don’t worry my dude
that’s a normal thing :slight_smile:
a normal attraction


Crazy, I know multiple males with fragile masculinity that would never say this because they are straight. I guess there’s a first for everything! Nice.