LETS COUNT TO 5000, (If that's possible, who knows)


2061 The plants start to rebel against the cyber-humans. worldwide epidemic as a new breed of fungi spreads spores that latch onto the mechanical parts of whatever cyborgs remain. A cure is imperative.


2062- the plants win. All of Humanity is gone save two young children who have been raised as one with nature. the world starts again


2063- kids are only a year older, still not reproducing, so the world hasn’t started over yet.


2064 my dudes.


2065 the children receive a telepathic invitation to be transported to a planet halfway across the galaxy, the sender’s identity unknown. They must decide whether or not they wish to leave this planet they call their home


2066 …


2067 Bernie Sanders is still alive and will be running for president in 2068


2068 The children are forcefully transported across the universe


2069 hehehehehe 69 but 2000 years late




2071 a.k.a when I’ll probably be dead

  1. Are goldfish really the snack that smiles back? :thinking:


2073 (can we please stop doing these they never meet the goal, it’s always the same title, and it’s depressing when we don’t reach it)


2074 this one has been going for a really long time and we’re almost halfway done so I think we can do it!!

  1. We could for sure do it!


2076! We’ll make it!


2077 we gots it!!!


2078 progress is slow…


2079- Siri is now conscious about herself.


2080 it is revealed that all the dinosaurs didn’t go extinct, they just burrowed into the ground and we’re living in the core of the earth for billions of years.