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LETS COUNT TO 5000(0), (If that's possible, who knows)


²°⁴⁴ ​​​​


2045 / 5000


2046 :clap:t4::clap:t3::clap:t4:


2047 My Dudes.


Idk why I’m awake rn but 2048


2049 is a long long long way away


2050! Getting closer…


2051 I will be 46 years old


2052 I MISSED ANOTHER 99!!! no


In 2053 I will turn 53


2054 begins on a Thursday


2055 my dudes.


2056 by now most babies are being born without pinky fingers and we don’t know why or how


2057 we discover its because we are slowly evolving into mecha-dinosaurs.


2058- Sophia the robot has taken over, and everyone is part cyborg


2059- a few “pures” (humans without any cybernetic parts) launch several EMPs into the atmosphere and kill off the majority of humanity.


2060- no 100%human life on earth, everyones part cyborg


2061 The plants start to rebel against the cyber-humans. worldwide epidemic as a new breed of fungi spreads spores that latch onto the mechanical parts of whatever cyborgs remain. A cure is imperative.


2062- the plants win. All of Humanity is gone save two young children who have been raised as one with nature. the world starts again


2063- kids are only a year older, still not reproducing, so the world hasn’t started over yet.