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Let’s talk about FOOD


Have you ever tried Jet the brand? Its like heaven chocolate (byw whats your twitter?)


Haven’t tried Jet, will look into it :+1:
Also, same as my username :slight_smile:


Yeeeees you have to (lol you have to tried a lot of things make a list and tell me what you have tried :crazy_face::crazy_face: jk)


Can’t find you on twitter :broken_heart::nerd_face:


i think i should start following some more new friends on twitter soo guys whats your username :slight_smile:


Standby :wink:


All the food I looked at has made me hungry


Hahaha same


After having pizza two days in a row I decided to have broccoli & cooked cod alfredo for lunch. Was pretty good.


I decided to cook rice pilaf and some Beyond Meat chicken strips with lemon; pretty good


Sounds really good :sob::broken_heart: u make me hungry haha


Sounds exquisite :purple_heart:


I’m eating waffles :grimacing::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face:


This is cajun rice


That looks amazing :relieved:


I have ate it is amazing but my mom is the one who do it bc I can’t find it in restaurants near me


That looks so good


it is tbh


Im drooling. What kind of ice cream is that??


Macadamia Ice-cream my favorite :yellow_heart: