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Let’s talk about FOOD


Looks like a passion fruit tomato lol


Why it doesn’t show up tho :sob:


Hahha is not that but it looks alike and the juice is one in a kind and delicious


I’d drink it lol


What about coffe? who loves coffe?? I’m addicted to it! Which is your favorite?


Pizza :pizza:, I was born a ninja turtle :turtle:


It looks like an orange came back from the tropics and had an enlightenment on true fruitiness :joy::sweat_smile:


I love coffee


Same here!! CAPPUCCINO and latte and AL KIND OF COFFEEEE


HAHAHHA but seriously you have to try it it’s delicious


Will do, I’m a fruit fan :tomato::watermelon::grapes::cherries::apple::strawberry::peach::pineapple::pear:


I meaaaan you’re colombian, I’m Latin , we damnnnn sure know about real coffe :heart:


Yes!!! Our coffee is the real one tho the BEST of the BEST haha :yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


You have to tho hahaa its good that youre a fruit man


Not related to fruit, but I ate a carrot for the first time in weeks and I almost died of satisfaction :laughing::laughing::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Im currently eating carrots in my soup


Carrot :carrot: are the best literraly when I was very young I always ate carrots all the days at anytime


Soup on point


Bumping here:

What’s your favorite chocolate tho? :full_moon_with_face::yellow_heart:


No favorite type chocolate for me; I like milk, dark, and white (not really chocolate, but I’m keeping it on here); as for brand of chocolate, Lindt is #goals :ok_hand: