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Leaving the fourm


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That’s fine; it’s okay to feel that way. Thanks for coming in the first place


Dude I understand your frustration remember though anything can happen


Actually, Dom posted a sneak peek on Twitter.


There’s only been 1 delay and it’s already over


Goodbye :wave:


All the best in the future @nolynthememeboi!


There should be a “Goodbye :wave:” bot that replies to every “I’m leaving, look at me!” topic lol


Since no one really addressed this point, I feel that I probably should. @dom created this forum as a means to communicate directly with potential users for v2. Periodically he has posted updates regarding what his agenda entails and the struggles and difficulties that have occurred along the way. It’s rational to be critical regarding some aspects of his approach but at the end of the day he has been fully transparent. With that being said, it’s extremely disrespectful to come onto someone’s forum and to be so vulgar.

He has addressed each and everyone of these points throughout the forum. So have experts and other loyal users. Things like this take time and there were also various legal hurdles that have occurred to delay the process.

Just to be clear, I’m not condemning you for being critical. However making a statement like this:

…is rude and unacceptable. Roasting someone on their own forum is not cool.




little did he know…


Oh. Now that’s rich.


Slow n steady wins the race


yeeh don’t put hopes in things you can’t control my boy, hope you’ll have fun spending days making video on instagram to get beaten by a cute selfie lmao.
You’re not wrong, it’s been way too long! But feel like this is a better alternative than just being silent for 2 more years.
But instagram is basicaly where viners are now, it’s one staff of editor promoting good content away from being a better version of vine.
The Facebook company don’t like hiring humans tho, so I doubt it will happens soon.
(they love bots analysing you tho)


he should be banned when v2 comes out now LOL


I understand your frustration remember though anything can happen


Just look at the state of the app now