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Leaderboard feature

The leaderboard feature, where there will be 4 sections: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Lifetime. These categories will show byte users with the most loops and likes gotten daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime. These four sections will be put in two categories: Worldwide and Around You. As the names explain what is going on, I am going to repeat it. The Worldwide category will show users worldwide, and the Around you category will show users in your country with GPS off, but with GPS on, you can see users that are a few kilometers away from you that have gotten the most loops and likes. (with GPS on, Lifetime can’t really fit with the others in my opinion)


good idea


Part of me thinks that it creates a lot of toxic competition but part of me really likes this idea


I feel like a friends leaderboard (between you and your follows) would also be cool because it fosters more positive competition, as opposed to something else.

I admin’d a spinoff game for a bit with a leaderboard feature and the thing I noticed most is that people often find ways to play the system and boost their standings. What might be a safer bet is something like a little spotlight that shows achievements like Most likes this week or Most followers or something. Initially that would be really good because the numbers will be a lot more fair and similar across users, and later in the app’s lifetime it could be changed up to reflect a wider audience. I know it was mentioned before with a shoutout post from the app, but little creator spotlights like that for up-and-coming bytestars would be dope


ditto (8char)


I really like this idea! That’s something I really miss on a lot of other video apps and sites. That’s also something I missed on the app-that-must-not-be-named. However, I think the option to shift to Worldwide is super important and would really love if it was possible to switch to other countries as well. For me, as a user, this is something I often crave since I live in a smaller country and want to feel like I am up to date with :sparkles:internet culture:sparkles: in other countries as well. If it’s just my country vs worldwide I might miss out on some US memes etc. (Yes, I just wrote that.)


I love this idea. Competition is fun and I think this will draw people in and foster app use.


No thank you.

I really hope Byte won’t adopt features commonly found in video games, because this isn’t a video game, it’s a creative video platform. Things like points, medals, leaderboards and rewards based on likes and followers will just make the app a competition, and it shouldn’t be.

Instead, foster creativity with an algorithm that gives all creators a chance to shine and be seen. Less emphasis on who has the most likes and followers. That’s what will eventually make Byte a success, IMO.


You just made a great point. I was on board with that idea but you made me realize that it would take away from some of the fun


Minues the feature where you can users a few KM away from I’m for everything else. My biggest issue with that particular issue is saftey due to stalkers.