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Lasso is going down!


Who else thinks that lasso will crash and burn down when byte releases! :heart_eyes:


Lasso died before for it even started.


Hahahaha tbh I never heard about it outside of this forum


You’d think being owned by Facebook the giant, it would get more attention. Like Facebook is the biggest of the biggest, yet Lasso is itty bitty.


Lasso is dead. There are still a bunch of 3 letter usernames available lol


What’s so bad about it?


Download it and see for yourself :joy:


I guess it tried to compete with TikTok and realised it was not worth it so totally lost it’s care bout it


No thanks. I’m saving space for byte, you see :wink:


Whoop whoop


HAHA EEEEY same here tbh, all apps can be pushed aside like “bishhh noooo”
make waaaaaaaay for the byte