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Just discord things (byte server yearbook)


^no comment


^this had me rolling @tooturntalex

^ i dunno

^ a man of few, but wise words

^indeed @DeltaDawx, i did

^ @SuperDino and delta on sum

^trainwreck pt 1


keep spilling that tea.


t w e e d


^ @mason_paper uh

^ @SuperDinosupple

^ i dont know either

^the date on this was november 11th 2018, good to know nothing’s changed @ShonziTho

^ same @CARL

^ @brennanmoore you’re one to talk

^ thank u @Grey
actually im not sure if this is the same grey


that’s enough for today i shall continue tomorrow


yo I’m just now seeing this. when I get off work it’s over for you hoes.


yeah, we need some more



a little teaser


Is it now


I have too many. They need to be shared.




^^^ my favorite one


too much gold to dig through

  1. great insult :clap::clap:

  2. w hast hsi voice liek?? is does he sound like scot?


When bytches was born and nobody knew what it was.
Jus felt like this belongs in the yearbook :upside_down_face:


i still don’t really know who they are

but i still think they’re pretty cool


ok i know it’s my 2nd consec. post but i just think of this song thinking about how we’ll look back on these memories

btw play cave story or die. x


Bytches is a cul- jk
It is a collaborative team that is going to create content and show their talent. They think you’re pretty cool too :gift_heart:



poetry night is my favorite.