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July Birthdays?


I’m noticing a few birthday topics here. I was wondering if we have any other July birthdays here?

Or anyone that’s a cancer? (June 20th-July 22nd).

Mine is July 13th (it’s on a friday the 13th this year!!).


July 11th here. I’m a cancer! :smile:


aye! we’re two days apart :blush:


July 10th and I’m a cancer toooo


I’m pretty sure Friday the 13th is a bad luck day… that’s probably just a myth.


Haha my sister was born on Friday 13th… Maybe it is a bad luck day after all :weary::weary::joy:


for me, the 13th is good luck.

i don’t believe in luck, but rather probability.

i just like the numbers 7 and 13.


July the 5th!


My lucky number is 13 as well.
Here’s a good thread talking about Favorite/Lucky Numbers


July 3. :stuck_out_tongue:


July 31st