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Joined at start - havent really kept up

Hi All :slight_smile:

I joined back in Jan 18 - and since then ive logged on here and there to see how the project has been growing - the community seems amazing.

I’ve been reading a number of post trying to get an idea of where this is all at, but having to dig quite deep into over a years worth of details.

Anyone fancy catching me up? When exactly did these Forums go live?


hey, welcome back link!

the best place to stay informed is keeping an eye out on #general-discussion:announcement ( :sunglasses:

edit: changed from general discussion to solved and answered.


So to round it all up, Byte has gone through two and a half beta tests. Beta signups are closed for the moment. Beta 3 and Bulletin 9 are coming in September. Forums are about to go through some maintenance. New Categories like Meta and Wiki added. Lots of unnecessary drama unfolded within the past few weeks. Dom has been really active lately. Logo stuff has changed. (Rip v2) There has been meetups between the community. I dropped a bagel a bit ago. There’s a discord you can join. There are byte complications you can view. I was number one :sunglasses:. There were two unfortunate passings within the year. The byte team has gone full steam ahead with the app’s progress and I believe it’s going to be an amazing beta test. There’s a counting down thread. There are a few threads that show teasers of the app. Finally, byte soon. :slight_smile:


Wow 1 year! Amazing! Welcome once again. I love seeing the growth too


Thanks :smiley: for changing to the correct topic :smiley:


Quite a year and quite a round up of events - thank you :smiley: