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Hey people this is my first time posting something, but i am always reading about people wanting to collaborate. So i don’t know if there are already some groups, but I have created a group chat on kiki with the name of “V2 family”. Go ahead and join if you want to. This group is mainly for supporting eachother for when the app will be released, you know… like and following eachother so we have more chance to be discovered. This is my comedy account on insta: dank_prince_of_asia. And this is my personal account on insta: tengisbaikal. So that you can talk to me if you want to. Bye

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Also, there are A LOT of threads that have plenty of people opting in for chatrooms or group chats on other platforms; perhaps you can join those chats and see what’s going on

We encourage people to interact with each other as much as possible on different social media platforms, but we also recommend not making too many chats on these platforms since it may come off as being competitive, manipulative, or redundant. Please understand this, as we are trying to look out for everyone’s best interests


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join my new kik group please! #animevampirelounge

join #cantsl33p on kik!

seems unwise to allow html… At any rate, shameless plug coming. Join #misanthropelounge on kik. We weird af and I bet u r too.

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Join my new kik group #makefriendddss1

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Join #activefriendsboi on Kik for a fun time​:sunglasses: new group trying to build, so patience is needed. 16-25 years of life experience. See you there​:wink::cookie:

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