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Jason Nash: Wave


Lmao @RioIsHere like vine was not like that? You don’t remember all the beef, I do, he was way more sad then fans being needy, big creators were super needy.
You guys really don’t like the vlog squad lmao
I don’t even watch most of them, but idk
I feel like they’re going to be the best at this because they don’t need vine.
They moved on from it, sucessfully.
Unlike other competitor, they’re not betting on that to make them rich or popular.
I mean it probably be nice if it was that, but they are already pretty rich & popular, they don’t need this.

Other apps won’t have the luxury of failling or taking 10 months to take off, they’ll have for sure.

And the promotion of this app will drown the other for sure. Not that you can’t use many app but let’s be honest many won’t.
If they’re clever they’re going to pay their youtuber friends to talk about it. (& spoiler: they are)
They could even do a press tour if they wanted or a regular tour to promote the app.
They’re the best equip to make it work on paper, it’s what I think but might be wrong.



Ofc I remember the beef, and yes creators were needy, in someways your right, vine was a bit like that,

Personally I’m not on here to “get rich” or “famous”
I used vine everyday,
I also don’t hate the vlog squad, watched a couple of their vids, pretty cool guys,

Look, the point I should’ve been making was: No 2 platforms will be the same,they will be very different. yes they have a limited amount of time you can record but both apps are from different developers. That’s my view @wilmauyeah



yeah pretty much I agree with that, sorry if I worded that weird.



Oh yeah! He said that he was happy that they were bringing vine back!



Was this recently? :slightly_smiling_face:



Don’t forget that when Dom first announced v2, his Twitter following went from 11k to 80k.

He shouldn’t be concerned. Most people would stick to the original than the remix (unless the remix is good :rofl:)

I’m sure when the actual app does come out, it’ll be widely used.

Keep in mind, both apps can also coexist. Similar to how you would use Twitter/Facebook simultaneously. They’re basically the same social networking apps, yet they have a couple distinct quirks.



a few months ago, I believe! It was in a YLYL about vines



Gotcha, thanks!

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i think the new app will of course be some sort of competition, however from what i can remember, it seems that when a old user tires to recreate an app, it doesn’t always work out for them; it becomes more of a chore

i may be wrong though, and it could be great?



How come it’s not out on Google play and stuff but its online



People like to bite ideas lol



idk if David Dobrik will promote it though, because he’s tied pretty closely with that other app Cheez. So while he does have the widest reach of the whole Vlog Squad, doesn’t mean he’ll endorse Wave. idk about the rest of them though.



Jason has never built an app before, and most apps that start with influencers are dead on arrival.

Unless someone involved who will be volunteering their personal time is a very talented engineer, they’ll be paying for it to be built by some uninvested dev and it will not get the thoughtfulness something like this deserves (that Dom has).

I don’t imagine this shaking out much differently than Oevo.



So does anyone know what became of this?



Well for me. Since Byte was announced, all the similar apps crawled back into their shells. lol
Wave might still be happening. But the TRUE spiritual successor for V*ne is here.



Ya I know, I was just asking if anyone knew what happened to this particular app.

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Its still happening to the best of my knowledge