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Jason Nash: Wave


So the Vlog Squad have got a larger reach but we don’t even know who is making the app wave and there has been no communication back and forth with the audience it hopes to reach. All of their fans will probably download that app purely because the ‘squad’ is using it so it will be filled with their fans and just watching them. I can imagine the trending type page just constantly featuring those that already have a following and that are part of that friend group. For anyone else who is not a fan or just wants to have their own content seen, surely v2 is the way to go.


I don’t think you guy realise the reach & experience they have.
The group of friend that he’s a part of makes like 5 to 20 youtube video a day & millions of views each week. David Dobrick, Brandon Calvillo etc
If they launched a vine alternative with what they wanted vine to be in mind & old viners friends, they will have an app with great content on it right at the beginning.
With many old viner already verified right at the beginning, so that day 1 it’s already a great platform to watch things on.
Then they probably figure out a way to be paid from it, youtube videos are un-monetisable too nowaday & they’ve figure it out. Sponsors most but they get sponsor with a lot of creative freedom like to offer cars to people or prank them etc
Brands are really trusting them, right of the bat.
Then they will now how to make it so it last, planning ahead obviously, but in a clever way, like their youtube presence has been constant & healthy, they rarely get into trouble & keep thing interessting.

They’re probably the best people to make the next vine, anyone else could make the app but will just have to hope that creators will want to be on it and probably loose 5 to 6 month getting to the popularity level that they already have on other apps.
People like Marloon Webb are killing it on instagram why would he come back for vine?


reading this made me…sad.

i still think @dom is going to kill it. he knows what he’s doing.


Sorry @shonzotho that was not my intention but like it’s true I feel like x)
The creators are the one making the app at the end of the day, if they decide to go on another app people will follow, but there is space for multiple vine apps!
Like people post the same vids to insta, twitter & youtube, if they make vine video now they’ll probably post it else where too & invest time on the place which will give them the most love.
I doubt it will be vine if something like Wave does come out before vine & with 25 very big influencers on it, like most of the Vlog Squad has or had a or half a million follower somewhere.
The fake V2 is actually living the destiny I predict vine will have if no big creators get on it:
-most of the content is bad & not like “I tried” bad, but “I did no effort” bad, like mostly edgy edits & lip synching, with just getting numbers in mind, follow for follow, marketing tactics (like asking you to comment your @ so that he will follow you then he doesn’t and he get on trending because of the massive amount of likes, that’s happening a lot in insta, many jake paul clones are trying to make it on the fake v2, it’s scary!

-The good creators, like the one making actual comedy sketch vine that we all watched & love, are not getting attention, can’t keep up with the quantity that edits account put out & are drown under them, like none of them are on the trending page

-Many cool people are leaving, but like after making like 10 to 30 really good vines, like clearly they’re having fun & are good at it but the platform is discouraging.
Granted there isn’t any comedy category on the fake V2, it might get better if they added one.

Anyway go follow SOPH, gia fricking valery & wilmauyeah (me) on there, it’s a fun training for the next vine at least!


I think Wave has the potential to be great, and I’m excited to try it. Remember that most of us are doing this because we miss Vine. Any app in this space that’s doing it for the right reasons is worth your attention, regardless of who made it or what it’s called.


Humble, I love it. (And besides, people can have more than one social media. They may have wave to watch the vlog squad and other already successful, and have v2 to try and post their own content.) Like you said, @wilmauyeah , it will be right off the bat filled with good, steady creators, assuming of course it is the vlog squad, but what newbie is going to feel fully confident competeing with those people and their kinda crazy fans?


I mean they basicaly were strangers 5 years ago & now they’re living together, I feel like they’re pretty inviting lmao. Feel like if they’re able to bring out a vine vibe they’ll do their best to help out people, like people helped them!
They talk a lot about how david was the loser that no one really thought who go anywhere but he was not anoying so they keept him around & now he’s pretty much their boss. (and brandon is the lost boy lmao)
I don’t know about their fan, but I feel like every month they’re adding new people & those people seems to do relatively well! They’re even collaborating with the sugar pine 7 boys sometimes which is nice. They got a lot of industry friends too, like from disney channel & stuff. Lysa Koshy has a lot of connection. It could really be really cool.
I’ll bet on it, but they might fuck it up, we’ll see!


Thank you for laying it out there like that. I REALLY wish more people would take this attitude towards other apps. Your level headed and humble mind set is appreciated, sir.


To a degree. It’s best to see what an app’s real and true intention actually is before using it.


Time will tell us everything


I think Wave could be something cool if they are working with the right people behind it. It’s interesting and deff something to keep an eye on


@dom this could be a potential partnership? You have the app development skills, they have the money and publicity, both of you came from the original app so it looks like the best of both worlds. idk just thinking out loud.


Yeah, but Dom’s already making his. Who knows :man_shrugging:


That’s a good idea omgg


So I just looked at their sign up and instagram account, the instagram account has 108 followers…, thats the hype for their app. And I think its a great thing that they are doing this for several reasons,

1)It shows that theres a lot of buzz about v2 as there have been countless companies and people trying to make apps similar to v2.

2)With big youtube stars like Jason Nash, David Dobrik and other ex-viners supporting apps similar to this, its going to create more hype for an app similar to v***, whilst the increased hype maybe for another app we can all agree that all this talk about a looping app will bring attention to the main one which everyone knows is v2.
A lot of their fanbases are are not only people that used to follow them on v*** but also younger kids who never experienced it, ex-viners are the best way to attract people that never used the original to v2.

  1. By them promoting looping apps its going to show the kids who heard about v*** just how cool it is creating more interest in apps like this, and interest in looping apps will just bring more attention to v2 as v2 is the main one that people are interested in and has the same developer and recognized name.


ok lets get pewdiepie to shoutout v2 then we will be good


Aahahhahah, you won’t believe this but I actually found out about v2 form pewdiepie, one of his videos wheres he making fun of the Paul’s he talks about how cringe their stuff is but he’s glad that there bring v*** back. And I was like woahhhhhhh. Then I joined the forums lol. But imagine that.


That is hard to imagine hahaha, we need the pewds again


Here’s how I see it.

WaveVid has a website that says you can download the app in the Itunes store NOW, their facebook page says the same thing. Actually portraying the app as currently in use and amazing. While I like the idea, and with so many old Viner’s I liked giving it a nod, I’m intrigued. HOWEVER I get this bad, been burnt before, feeling that it’s maybe a lot of hype way way before there should be. Like the V2 app being dishonest about using the V2 name, and no idea who’s running it. GOod and bad issues I’ve heard about it, and now just 2 days after Dom drops a “sign up for a beta test”, Nash and Spencer drop some tweets and if I’m right got almost 10k email addresses for people wanting the beta for WaveApp.

If Wave is legit, awesome.
If Dom’s new app works and is good, hell yeah.

I’ll try them both and maybe even use both on a regular basis. Who knows.

But I am reserving my high hopes till I see a beta or the version 1.0


Here’s how I see it.

Wave = “Squad” Fans
It could be good, but I guarantee every time I go on the home screen I will see a fan trying to be in a video purely cause they use it.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.