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Its spring fam!


It’s a beautiful day outside. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. On days like these, people like you…should be ready to defeat tiktok. Yeet!


We’re so close!!!

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YEET indeed!

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let’s go byters!!! #byteseason


10 more days till the end of the month !?!?! No sign about the Beta!! Did Dom troll us all when he said it will be this month ? Or could it possibly come out with the 4th Bulletin considering the Bulletin comes out on the 28th 2 weeks after the last one ?

So many questions !! Yet such few answers!!

So so so eager can’t wait.

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IKR!! My best guess is the beta will be next bulletin

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sadly I didn’t get to sign up for it :frowning:

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Yes right bro

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As I said it before, what a time to be alive.

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Spring is here,
In the air,
You can smell it coming,
On the trees,
Leaves are green,
Caterpillars sunning,

Birds are back,
Grass is out,
Busy bees are humming,
On the trees,
Leaves are green,
Caterpillars sunning.


Only time will well, but I feel byte can get pretty big if done right


snas would be proud of this

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Tik Tok has left the chat.

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