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"Ishd ehdudishd" - Wise words from Dom


so dom posted a new screen recording of byte on his twitter and this is all i got from it

those words will stay with me forever…


“Ishd ehdudishd” -Dom 2018
These are wise words to live by


I feel like we can decode this. there are multiple ciphers dom could have used, such as the Caesar ciphers, Atbash ciphers, the A1Z26 cipher, and keyed Vigenère ciphers.


lmao i’m actually gonna use these cyphers and see what happens :joy:


im getting this tattooed.

to be updated.


not to ruin the fun, but it’s clear that Dom just typed random letters with both thumbs, alternating from left to right

it’s not code lol

or is it?..


He only wants you to think its random letters, were onto him


It definitely means

"Spring 2019"


what if its the launch date? :open_mouth:


This will probably be my senior quote


It definitely means “make me a sandwich”. Fellas, we know what we have to do


anyone decode yet lol


or what if it means this is it chief


I wanna know


My life has been affected greatly by those words. I will now devote my life to spreading the word. “Ishd ehdudishd”.