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Is TikTok becoming the new vine?


thanks b, i’ll check it out :slight_smile:


Technically, I guess you could call it the “new Vine” considering it’s not only about lip-syncing anymore but more about creating your own sounds and trying to act “funny”. Basically, what Tik Tok is now (and always has been since the re-vamp of…) is what Vine was at the end. However, I hope many Tik Tok users don’t switch over to Byte as the new thing these days is to make “ironic” videos which at first were funny, but have evolved to being repetitive or just mean.


In case you were wondering what @BrendanCescon was referring to:


I would never use tiktok on a regular basis. There’s no talent at all (maybe there are some exceptions) and it’s just so cringy


Yeah. I really wanted to like tiktok, but I just couldn’t! Idgi to be completely honest!


I feel like with everything on the internet there are trends on the internet that won’t make sense unless you’re a certain age. If I was an 11-14 year old girl now, I’d get it, but I’m not. It’s just a generational thing when it comes down to it.


Vine has a huge impact on pop culture. Tik tok is just really cringey and I honestly don’t think it can be compared to vine tbh


Tik Tok appeals to only younger folks like teens while Vine did have a more broad age spectrum in the community. Tik tok is heavy on the meme humor while vine had that and other kind of comedy as well making it more appealing to an older and younger audience.


pls let this thread stay in 2018

y was it brought up again


While true vine held a (quite massive i must say) comedy community, there was also a great art/dance community vine and shouldn’t be remembered as a jake and logan paul app




I think TikTok will be gone soon because the fact that most of it’s users are cringey kids. And people who are just follower hungry. And not original at all. But it does have this thing of only using the edgy memes so I’m guess it will be edgy forever and will be here for some time maybe(I know I am contradicting myself but anything can happen) but will not act like vine. Vine was more original, yes some weren’t funny but you can see the effort in acting for a 6 second video while people on tiktok just talk over a song and act dumb. No actual famous person is on the app they just pay everyone to be on it. Vine on the other hand had people wanting to download it and was being talked about all over the news. While tiktok never hits the news because it’s too edgy.


It is cringy. Its users and content repel me in all honesty and I’m of the age group people say TikTok ‘appeals’ to XD I feel like it’s going to die. ikindahopeitdoestbh

Lets hope none of the TikTok cringe content/community bleeds into Byte




I think that the intentions for where to be something like vine but now the community on there have turned toxic. In the beginning it was just about lip syncing, but now it’s just about challenges and trends… I honestly don’t think it’s gonna die soon because people are kinda addicted to scrolling through their TikTok feed since the videos are so short. Hopefully byte won’t go in that direction, that’s why I think it’s important that we as byte community don’t let challenges/trends take over the content as it did on


That’s very true!


Thank you! As we get older we out grow ceratain things. I’m don’t play with toys anymore or watch sesame street anymore


Tik tok is filled with a bunch of cringy trends and memes, and even when something is innovative and creative like a lot of vines were, it quickly becomes overused.

All the massively popular trends make tiktok more of a compilation of its trends and memes, and less of a “new” vine.