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Is TikTok becoming the new vine?


(i’m not sure if this is the right category, so feel free to tell me if it isn’t!)

so i have a medium following on the app TikTok, which, for those of you who don’t know, is the new version of it’s becoming more and more of a meme app, similarly to how Vine was, with a cult following. i was wondering what you guys thought about the app, and if you thought it was the new Vine, as a lot of people seem to think it is.


i think its awful to be honest.

99% of the content is the exact same, and the other 1% would have been called average on vine.


That was the dark side of :vine: the kids using slurs, the abuse, and the toxicity of the app. It might be on tiktok but now you can see YouTube moving that way too with the fake beefs and diss tracks. I think everything in the future will continue down this journey. The trends take over and the original content hopefully won’t get lost.


it’s definitely an app where you have to follow the trend to become popular, and original content isn’t appreciated, but trends move very fast


it sucks that YouTube is moving in that direction. i hate how all the teen youtubers are spoiled rich girls who copy emma chamberlain (who isn’t very talented at all, just lucky)


Idk, I just can’t take it seriously. Most of the Tik Tok vids make me cringe and it just seems like a massive joke in all honesty. I feel that it’ll die pretty soon.


I’m praying it’ll die :pray:


tik tok really is nothing like vine tbh


It has qualities of vine, but I don’t feel that vine magic when i use the app. Maybe bc the vids don’t have that loop quality to it or that the longer vids kind of ruin most jokes as it prolongs a joke that would of been perfect for 6 seconds instead. Overall, i really don’t think Tik Tok is the new vine, it doesn’t have that charm like vine did.


Fire Takes


frankly if you take away the lip syncing and improve the UI you get kinda what I’m hoping byte will be. the fact that it came from musically which was kind of a cursed app is what damages tik tok


Spot on.
People look to TikTok to replace both Vine and Musically. Vine good, Musically bad.
The app itself is alright, but it’s the toxic community from that makes it bad.


I feel like tiktok leans more towards Gen Z in terms of audience, where Vine (and i hope someday byte) leans towards a more 20-30 y/o audience. My 13 y/o younger brother loves tiktok and it seens like it’s just filled with videos of trends and memes, and I personally find a lot of them unfunny. What made vine videos so enjoyable was that they were mostly original/random.


I think it is awful. I never liked either though. But some people like it and there is nothing wrong with that.


I agree with you. :slight_smile:


@joshsouthall just made a post about leaving tik tok because of the borderline child pornography and other stuff and things also


it is really cringey haha


tik tok could’ve been okay i think, but they try so hard to be the hip and cool app and they sure aren’t taht


yes!! i couldnt have said it better


yes! tiktok has a lot of teens or younger but i do think byte will appeal to the old vine generation, who are all 20-25 now