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Is there an app similar to the way vine recorded videos


like i just want to make skits that dont clutter my iphones storage space of different cuts of scenes


not a good one that isnt a rip off, would probs use youtube or just insta tbh :((


You could practice with the fake V2 app

(NOT recommending this)


I would use insta. Or just the camera and upload to google drive.


ive been doing that but the issue is it doesnt do portrait mode


the actual vine app turned into a vine camera app, you could use that


Clips on iOS could help


link please?


oh sorry, it existed a couple months ago and I just searched it up and it’s not there anymore, must’ve been deleted. It used to be called “vine camera”


It still exists on Android. It’s called “Vine”


lol u can be the one person in the world that uses vine camera (what used to b vine)


A lot of people have it still installed from the iOS days. I don’t actually use the app, I just saw it in the Play Store


uncategorized so I moved it to YouTube & Other Services



Here’s an example:


There’s the vine camera