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Is reposting old, original v***s on Byte discouraged?




hmmm i already strarted making short 6 second vids that ill NOT be reposting…HOWEVER ill be “recreating” those vines on the new byte app


who tf cares tbh


AYYYY, I was gonna do the same thing, you know, I was gonna reenact the herroiods one (or however you spell it) or one of Daz Blacks ones.


Yall gotta read properly. anyways…

Nothing wrong with posting your own favorite vines over to your byte account.
I would suggest either:

  • Uploading all of them at once at the very start before anyone follows you so you have them on your account and it doesnt spam anyone
  • Or, as lex said, upload them alongside newer videos.


I’m pretty sure that we won’t be able to post custom made videos just right after the release its probably going to take a few months before that, I don’t like the idea of posting old vines, byte is a new generation of vine so y’all should bury that idea.


Daz is a comedy genius.


He’s so British, I know his jokes :smile:


Yeah, gotta love his sarcastic British humour. It really is my cup of tea (pun intended).




What do I have to read properly?


Yeah go ahead. You should have the freedom to post your own content.


not sure who it was, but a bunch of ppl understood it as him uploading other peoples vines when he’s talking about his own


As long as you are the one who made the Vine. Do not post vines made by original creators, as that will probably get you banned