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Is reposting old, original v***s on Byte discouraged?


What if, when I download byte, I start off posting some of my favorite old v**e’s while creating new content, just while I am first starting off my page?

Will people get frustrated with this and think that i’m spamming? One thing I never do is post other peoples content, so all of the content will be my own originals that I would re-post. Also, I’m not saying I will start off by re-posting every single v**e I ever made, but maybe a selection of my top 20? I’m just wondering if people will get angry about this.

Of course once those are posted I will focus on creating only New relevant content.


As long as you don’t have any mega viral vines that have gotten annoying since vine’s death, I would say there’s nothing wrong with occasionally putting something you already made onto byte


As long as they are your own vines then you should be good.


As long as its your original content thats fine but majority of people are going to want to see new things posting things from vine may not do you so well


Thats a big nono


why lmao?


i’m sure it’s okay! i would also like to do the same. by what you’re saying it seems okay. as long as it’s not ones that have already been viral/seen everywhere. the content you might want to reupload deserves to have another chance by being seen by different people on another platform if it hasn’t been already.

just think of it like that :blush:


It might be stealing and idk, Thats why we need article 13!



You do you. However, I suggest that if you are going to be reposting some of your old V***s on byte, you should try to mix your old posts with new posts so people don’t get so bored seeing a profile full of videos they’ve already seen.


not stealing if it’s my own content though, right? I don’t really like when people repost other peoples content


stealing? how when it’s his own content lol. did ya not read what he said

also aren’t you banned for 1000 years


What are you talking aboutt??? No stealing other peoples work


yikes I certainly hope I’m not banned for 1000 years :frowning:


Oh ok, you worded it wrong.


It was a week


bruh… he literally said HIS vines. re read it.


Yea, his favourite vines, if i said my favourite vine is…Zach King’s, then thats my fav vine, you get what I mean?


@MagicalVlogger :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::thinking:


Yeahh, maybe he should said that first, but still, do you get what I mean or nah??