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Is anyone else hyped the date is closer?


Is there anyone who can’t stop thinking every second about the app and for byte to release.
I am. :bulb::heart:

Who is HYPED? I am!

One hell of an excitement! :v


Super excited! Can’t believe this time around last year we got the first ever announcement regarding this project!
Y’all, we went through a lot and just to see that it’s officially happening makes me soo happy :star_struck::star_struck:


I know it comes out in Spring and we’re almost in Winter I can’t wait


every day we inch closer to the release! anytime i get super excited, i come over to the forum and just go crazy active


Really excited!!!


Always excited


So hypeddd!!! I’m honestly getting a bit nostalgic of when the project was first announced, lol




Same omg can’t wait


I was sitting in a McDonalds with one of my closest friends and I saw the news, we got so excited we made a scene in the middle of the restaurant and ran around in the parking lot. One of the best days ever.


that honestly sounds amazing


I was on my rooftop sitting with my dad and he was telling me a story as I opened Twitter and saw @dom tweeting the byte name and instantly…every external sound began to simmer down and there was this tunnel vision of excitement between my eyes and my phone screen for a good 30seconds…

Then I flipped lol #GoodTimes


Im so hyped!


heck yeahhhh!


Lol I pictured that like a movie scene in my head. :joy:




Same here. Haha I’m also listing ideas :slight_smile: